Girls! girls? Girls.

From magazine covers, to billboards, to strip clubs, the slogan, “girls, girls, girls” dominates our culture. Girls! Girls? Girls. began as a one woman satirical play written and performed by Marjuan Canady in 2010. For six years she toured this play internationally which examined the black woman under the lens of public opinion. Now as a short performance documentary, Canady and her comrades take their wit “to the streets” to gain perspective from entertainers, scholars, entrepreneurs, athletes, students and community organizers on the 21st century black female image and other issues such as beauty, health, violence, education and sex. Coming to theaters in March 2019.

Written, Directed, Executive Produced: Marjuan Canady Cinematography: Ernesto Guadalupe Producers: Marjuan Canady, Tatiana Johnson Editor: Jason Battle Music Composer: Sheldon Thwaites Animation: Christopher Creese

(c) Sepia Works LLC, 2019